Viewbank Secondary College

Project Start Date: December 2016

Project Finish Date: December 2018

Project Value: $10.2 Million

Melbcon completed construction at Viewbank Secondary College in December 2018. This project consists of a several staged works comprising of some major upgrade to the school which included the construction of the new a performing arts centre, materials technology building and music lesson/ classrooms. Additional redevelopment works at the school included refurbishment to the administration building and GJ Block where new science labs, technology rooms were built as well as a new theatre room.Other works at the school included extensive external and landscaping works as well as a large car park area redevelopment.

Take a look at the videos which shows a fly through of the project and a video from the Victorian School Building Authority:

Victorian School Building Authority Video

Viewbank Secondary College – Fly through Designs

Architect: Law Architects

Site Address: 1 Warren Road, Viewbank VIC 3084

Site Contact: Jenni Webster, Law Architects