Montmorency Secondary College

Project Start Date: February 2017

Project Finish Date: March 2019

Project Value: $12 Million

Melbcon completed construction at Montmorency Secondary College in May 2019. This project involved several upgrades and modernisation to the school which include new administration facilities and an arts precinct for the student, refurbishment works to existing buildings at the school to transform into modern learning spaces and provide specialist facilities specifically in the area of Arts, Materials and Technology, Science and Physical Education. Other works to the school included extensive extrnal and lanscaping works as well as a large car park area and drop off zone. 

Click on the link to see a site plan for the upcoming works architect sketches: Montmorency Secondary School – Site Plans & Sketches 

Architect: Crosier Scott Architects

Site Address: Para Road, Montmorency VIC 3094

Project Contact: Carol and Roger Vieth